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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've been in a little Funk lately.  Teeny Tiny.  Itsy Bitsy.  For no particular reason other than LIFE.   My husband had the nerve to leave the house and go to WORK and all the other activities he has.  My kids have the gall to make MESSES.  And that, my dear friends, put me in quite a FUNK.  I got tired of being the doer in the house.

I think everyone can relate right?

I've tried cleaning, reading, excersizing, eating, etc. to get out of this funk, but nothing has worked yet. Then I saw this picture and it sort of snapped me out of it for a brief minute.

Plus I got to talk to my BFF, and that always cheers me up, and I remembered that there are about a billion other moms/wives/women/people dealing with the same things I am.  And many have a much harder lot than I.

So I am going to attempt to be like a dandelion and break through the concrete that is my messy and sometimes tireless life, and have faith in knowing that one day it won't be so bad.   

However if you see me at the store with a cart full of ice cream and boxes of tissues, pretend you didn't see me :-)