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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystery Solved

Recently there have been quite a few mysterious things going on at my abode, to which I have shrugged my shoulders and said hmmm???  BUT during our recent car trip, we found out all of the answers, which I found hilarious!  HA!

The mysteries included:

1. The dog's food dish has been fully devoured every day.... hmm.. she must be having a growth spurt - do dogs have those?

2. The air conditioning in our car is not working..... Not great when we are in the desert and the kids can't feel any a/c.  I suppose the car is not new anymore.  Time for a tune up.

3. Every time I get into the car it smells like dog food.  I haven't bought dog food in 3 weeks. hmmmm, strange.

4. Every morning the dog is super hungry!  Didn't she know she just ate an entire bowl of dog food last night?

You want to know what happened and how it's all connected? 
While getting ready to depart on the long journey back home my husband is cleaning out the car before loading it up. 

He notices some dog food in the glove box. 


He starts cleaning it out. 

There are HANDFULS and HANDFULS of dog food. 

So much, that he has to go to a car wash to vacuum it all out.

Here's a piece of info that might be helpful.  The dogs bag of food and dog dish are in the garage, right in front of the car which is also in the garage....

SO apparently, there is some small critter gathering our dogs food every night, and has made our car it's own personal storage unit.  Thus blocking the a/c from the vents.  Thus leaving the dog dish empty every morning.  Thus making the car smell like dog food 

So I have invested in a Rubbermaid container to now store the dog food in the garage, and the dogs dish is currently back in the house, under the close supervision of our 1 year old. 

MYSTERY SOLVED!  I don't know why, but I find this hysterical.  Life is funny some days, eh!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Bird

I had a memory flash into my mind the other night from my childhood. There was a bird, I don't remember what kind, and for some strange reason it flew into the window of our house. Crashed right into it.  I suppose it didn't know there was glass. Then, it got up and did it again.  Just kept crashing into our window.  Over and over, again and again. This went on for quite some time. 

I was only 10 or so, and watching this happen made me sad and quite confused. Why was the bird doing that?  Didn't it see it was hurting itself?

Last night as I was thinking about this memory I realized that must be how Heavenly Father feels watching us. I'm sure he too thinks, "Why do they keep doing that?  Don't they know they are going to get hurt?"

I think he feels deeply emotional watching us in the midst of our trials. He loves us. We are His children.

Likewise, our Savior has gone through all of our pains, when he atoned for us. He knows how we feel. He felt the same pain, both physical and emotional.

It is my belief that we are not alone. The two most important people that there are; Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, are going through our ups and downs along side us.

Anyways, those are my thoughts today. As always, please share yours.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Small and Simple Things

"Behold, I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass;" Alma 37:6 
I LOVE this scripture.  I really do.  It makes life seem easier.  It reminds me that I can accomplish even the hardest of tasks, by doing the best that I can, a little at a time. 

My husband is training to do a HUGE hike.  It will be many miles long over great elevation and terrain changes.  He has been training for several months now, and is prepared to accomplish this challenge, but he wouldn't be ready now if he didn't start out with small steps (literally). 

I also love this scripture because it reminds me that I can help others in small and simple ways.  Sometimes we don't do things because we think it's not big enough.  It's my belief that small things can be big.  A smile, a pat on the back, a call to check on someone can have a great impact even though it is a small act of kindness. 

May you find comfort in knowing great things can come to pass through small and simple things.  If you are facing a daunting task, take a deep breath, and a small step.  Before you know it, it will all be behind you.

Please share some of your experiences of either giving or receiving small acts of kindness, or accomplishing a goal/task/trial through simple steps.