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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello America!

Last week I was officially sworn in as an American Citizen!  It was quite a process.  An expensive, time consuming, and long process.  But it was well worth it.  The ceremony was pretty cool.  There were 203 people sworn in from 50 + countries on every continent except Antarctica.  During the ceremony they let people share their personal stories of their struggle to get to America.  (I have to admit, I felt kind of lame being just a normal girl from Canada compared to all of them) 

Listening to the others share how grateful they were to be in a free country, with all the blessings found here really impacted me.  I am SO happy to be here, and to get my citizenship in time to do my civic duty and vote.  I have been listening intently to the Presidential debates, and learning about who and what are on the ballot.  I am really excited to participate in this years election. 

So, I just wanted to encourage everyone to use their right to vote.  Do not waste it.  Let's get educated about the candidates and issues that are on the ballot, not just the presidential candidates, but the all of the local and federal issues on the ballot.

We have a great system in the United States.  We get to participate.  So let's all do our part!