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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where's the drive?

Last month we celebrated Independence Day and Pioneer Day, which got me thinking....those holidays are important because of the sacrifice so many made for a greater cause.  People were courageous, unwavering, filled with purpose.  Where has that gone?  When was the last time I was passionate about something?

A lot of work has been done for us by our ancestors, and as a result we are pretty casual and laid back.  Shouldn't we follow their example and have the same type of enthusiasm?  Don't you feel better when you have a purpose, or goal to work toward?  I'm not inferring that I am going to go out and save dolphins, but I think my life would be better if I had an inner goal that I was passionate about and worked toward.  And I suppose it's not that we need to go out and do "important" things, but maybe we should re-evaluate, and put some more "important" things on the list.

Anyways, I have just been thinking about the differences between our generation and the generations before us.  I like the kindness and purpose that I imagine life had long ago.  Not that I want to go back to churning butter.

Agree or disagree?  Let me know your thoughts/opinion.


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