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Monday, August 8, 2011

An Observation

This morning I woke up refreshed, and excited to start the day.  Here's my observation as to why that might be.  You know the phrase "Do good things and good things will happen"?  Well, I've noticed those days that I wake up and do the good things that I am supposed to do; read, pray, clean, give my children quality attention, etc. I feel good.  My spirits are lifted.  Especially when I say my prayers, and in them ask for general everyday help.  I always wake up in a better mood, and feel an abundance of gratitude, and most importantly I am blessed with patience!  Good things happen.

In contrast, frequently I have days like this, I wake up exhausted and unprepared because I didn't read my scriptures the night before, and fight to get through the day. 

So here's what I think, it's my Pride that keeps me from doing the good things.  Pridefully not wanting to admit that I can't do it all myself, and needing to ask for daily help from the Lord.  Knowing that if I say my prayers and read my scriptures He will bless me with help, because that's what he does.  Sometimes the perfectionist in me thinks "I don't need help, I CAN DO EVERYTHING".  Oh how wrong I am! 

Then there are days like today, where it is so apparent how much easier life would be to handle if I did it the right way. 
I don't know?  Just a thought. What do you think?


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