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Monday, April 9, 2012

Small and Simple Things

"Behold, I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass;" Alma 37:6 
I LOVE this scripture.  I really do.  It makes life seem easier.  It reminds me that I can accomplish even the hardest of tasks, by doing the best that I can, a little at a time. 

My husband is training to do a HUGE hike.  It will be many miles long over great elevation and terrain changes.  He has been training for several months now, and is prepared to accomplish this challenge, but he wouldn't be ready now if he didn't start out with small steps (literally). 

I also love this scripture because it reminds me that I can help others in small and simple ways.  Sometimes we don't do things because we think it's not big enough.  It's my belief that small things can be big.  A smile, a pat on the back, a call to check on someone can have a great impact even though it is a small act of kindness. 

May you find comfort in knowing great things can come to pass through small and simple things.  If you are facing a daunting task, take a deep breath, and a small step.  Before you know it, it will all be behind you.

Please share some of your experiences of either giving or receiving small acts of kindness, or accomplishing a goal/task/trial through simple steps.



I am a Latter Day Saint too and I am always looking for positive and uplifting blogs, I am enjoying yours:)


Thank you! Glad to hear it :-)


Small and simple things are what it is all about. I found you trying to search out like minded people. My blog is about good positive news too! I am an eternal optimist and think we all need more good stuff in our day. Here is a quote for you:"Remember, life is not made of great things, it is made of very small things. In the early morning, sipping a cup of tea, do it totally, as if this is the last cup of tea you will ever sip again. Take each moment and squeeze the whole juice out of it." Osho

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