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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mystery Solved

Recently there have been quite a few mysterious things going on at my abode, to which I have shrugged my shoulders and said hmmm???  BUT during our recent car trip, we found out all of the answers, which I found hilarious!  HA!

The mysteries included:

1. The dog's food dish has been fully devoured every day.... hmm.. she must be having a growth spurt - do dogs have those?

2. The air conditioning in our car is not working..... Not great when we are in the desert and the kids can't feel any a/c.  I suppose the car is not new anymore.  Time for a tune up.

3. Every time I get into the car it smells like dog food.  I haven't bought dog food in 3 weeks. hmmmm, strange.

4. Every morning the dog is super hungry!  Didn't she know she just ate an entire bowl of dog food last night?

You want to know what happened and how it's all connected? 
While getting ready to depart on the long journey back home my husband is cleaning out the car before loading it up. 

He notices some dog food in the glove box. 


He starts cleaning it out. 

There are HANDFULS and HANDFULS of dog food. 

So much, that he has to go to a car wash to vacuum it all out.

Here's a piece of info that might be helpful.  The dogs bag of food and dog dish are in the garage, right in front of the car which is also in the garage....

SO apparently, there is some small critter gathering our dogs food every night, and has made our car it's own personal storage unit.  Thus blocking the a/c from the vents.  Thus leaving the dog dish empty every morning.  Thus making the car smell like dog food 

So I have invested in a Rubbermaid container to now store the dog food in the garage, and the dogs dish is currently back in the house, under the close supervision of our 1 year old. 

MYSTERY SOLVED!  I don't know why, but I find this hysterical.  Life is funny some days, eh!



Ha Ha Ha... you need to talk to Grandma Horner about this. She had a pack rat that was doing the same thing in her van and it plugged up the vents. They had to have it torn apart to fix the problem... better set some traps and catch that sneaky critter.


Haha, that is so funny.. thanks for sharing:)


I find it weird - I thought you were going to say it was a child - glad your laughing!

Ruth Scovill

This is funny. I know at my house, where my dog eats outside, it is the birds that like to come collect kibbles of dogfood out of the bowls.

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