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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Out with the old

Happy New Year!  Christmas has come and gone, and now I feel like REDECORATING!  I'm ready to take down those Christmas decorations and redo the whole house!  Yes sir, I've even picked out the new color schemes and everything.  Want a sneak peak?  Here ya go.
I think I like these colors, maybe family room
Family room colors, cream, with blue red and yellow (perhaps not this yellow though)

Would love this on my couch pillows!
I like this fabric :-)

living room
Living room colors, cream with yellow, green, and red accents.  

Colors for the girls room
I love these colors for the girls room, when they share a room

love this green, for the master bedroom
Color scheme for master, White/cream walls, green and blue accents in a pretty non baby way

So now all I want to do is look at fabric and paint samples!  Who wants to go with me???  It will be a fun, but long process of sewing, shopping, painting, brainstorming, etc.  But one day our house will look fabulous!  Until then, I will stare at these pictures with hope and anticipation.  Yippee.

PS- gotta love pinterest for giving me all these ideas!
PPS- Oh yeah, I'm getting new carpet this new year too!  That's what started all this brainstorming.  EXCITED!!!!


Michelle @ Loving Every Second

So cute! I can't wait to see how your rooms turn out :)

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