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Monday, July 2, 2012

Faith and Fasting

I am a fainter.  All it takes is skipping one meal, or being stressed, or nervous, or any one of several other circumstances and I will faint.  It has happened several times in my life.  I am used to it.  But it has yet to happen on a day when I am fasting. 

Wait, go back, what is fasting?  Fasting is not eating for usually 2 consecutive meals while concentrating your thoughts and prayers on specific needs.  Here is a great article on fasting if you are looking for more info.

In my religion we use the first Sunday of every month as a day to fast and pray.  We call it Fast Sunday.  So you see it happens quite frequently, which is why it's weird that I have never fainted on Fast Sunday.  Especially if it's a rare Sunday when I get up and share my testimony with the congregation, and I still don't faint.  Are you kidding me?!?  There has to be something helping me, strengthening me. 

I believe that the Lord is strengthening me when I excersise faith in him.  I have faith that the Lord will sustain me.  And he always does.  Each and every time.  Coinsidence?  I do not believe so. 

I am grateful that we can come closer to the Lord through fasting and prayer.  We can receive answers to prayers.  We can receive Divine inspiration directly from the God.  Fasting is a wonderful blessing.  I have faith in it.  I have seen it work in my life.  If you need direction, or answers, or just desire to come closer to God I invite you to try fasting with prayer.



Fasting can be so amazing when it done in the right context... I have had so many answers to prayers:)

Great post Maria, and a great reminder of how wonderful fasting is:)

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