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Monday, April 22, 2013

Look at me! I'm crafty!

Remember my last post about the prayer board???  Well, I made one!  Yup, all by myself.  And guess what else?  I like it!  Check it out.

Look, I made this!

I used an old frame, it's one of those $5 frames from Walmart, it was missing the glass and needed to be used in a project.  I painted it black, then used a scrap of fabric and stuffed it with fluff. 

Then I made that little pin cushion, hot glued it on along with the little envelope, stuffed it with paper, added stickers (I don't have a criket) and voila!  Not too shabby if I say so myself.  With so many people in my prayers, this will come in handy.  And it's cute too. 



I adore this... I was wondering why this idea was floating around in my head... it came from you:)

I am making one of these with my Valentina, we always have a long list of people to pray for and I thought it was a fabulous idea...

Once I get it made, I will try to send you a picture.. probably not for a couple of weeks but as soon as I do, I will try to get you a picture of it, thanks for the idea:)


Launna, you totally have to send me a picture to post if you make one! We had fun writing down all the names during family night tonight and thinking about others. I think it's a great idea, and very helpful.

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