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Friday, May 3, 2013

The mending pile

It's that time of year again.  T.shirt and shorts weather, find the bottle of sun screen weather, time to put away the hot chocolate weather.  This is the season when I get out my pen and paper and make my project list. (yup, I'm a list writer)  And this tends to be a long list.

Today I am going through clothes.  Getting rid of clothes that don't fit, making sure we have clothes that do fit, and mending clothes.  That darn mending pile seems to grow just as rapidly as my children.  My daughter has several pairs of pants that have holes in the knees.  They have been in the mending pile for quite some time now.  If we're in a jam, (laundry day) and she has nothing to wear I'll let her wear them to play in, then after they're washed back in the mending pile they go.  But today while doing the laundry I decided I was sick of looking at them.  They needed to, deserved to be fixed once and for all.

So now I ask you... What is in your mending pile?

What have you been ignoring, or waiting for the right time to fix?

Your heart?

A relationship?

That is the question that stole my thoughts today.  What is in my  mending pile?   A challenge I pose to us all is to try to mend something on our list.  If that is to difficult, perhaps think of a step or two that we can do to get closer to being whole.   May you have the strength and desire to do so.  Good luck!



I work on my life mending piles everyday... it can be overwhelming if I leave it too long.

I am a huge list writer too Maria, I love ticking off items as I complete them:)

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