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Monday, July 22, 2013

Where's the drive - updated

In July we celebrate Independence Day and Pioneer Day here in the South Western United States.  To me those holidays are important because of the many sacrifices that were made for greater causes.  In the days of the pioneers, people were courageous and unwavering.  Most everything they did had tremendous value and purpose.  Where has that gone? 

When was the last time you or I were passionate about something?  Yes, I did try really hard to get my finger nails perfect, I passionately shooed the kids away as I applied the oh-so-cute polka dots, but that's not what I'm talking about. 

It seems like we have forgotten two things in my opinion:
  • what is important (to see what I personally believe is important click here.)
  • and how to keep those things in the important column.

Seriously folks, a lot of work has been done for us by our ancestors, and in return we are.... casual and laid back???  They lived and died to give us so many blessings and I feel like we have totally dropped the ball.  We hardly remember what their struggles were, and at times even mock the things that they worked so hard to give us. 

Sure it is great to live nowadays when everything is done at the touch of a button.  But let's not get so caught up in the trends of today that we forget why we are here and how we got here. 

I personally am perturbed with the lack of values of the day.  It is a frustrating thing to teach my kids right from wrong, when the world thinks wrong is right.  So here's an idea, let's follow the example of our ancestors and put forth real effort in to something.  And hopefully something of great value. 

I'm not saying stop what you are doing and go save some dolphins. In fact that's the opposite of what I am saying.  I am saying today for just a moment stop.  Stop and think about what is really important.  And then figure out a way to share that with others -through your actions.  And then stop doing things that are contrary to what you believe is important.  That's it.  That's how we get back to civility.  One person at a time doing what they believe is right.  That is enough to impact others.

Alright, that's it.  I'll get off my soapbox for the day.  I just like the kindness and purpose that I imagine life had long ago when a handshake, your name, or your word meant something.  I don't want to go back to churning butter, but I wouldn't mind life with a little more curtsies and a little less curtness. 

As always I am curious to hear your thoughts.  Please comment. 



I agree we need a little more courteous behavior and less of what we have today.... it is difficult raising our children today and teaching them correctly when the world is so opposite... hmm

Sangay Cholden

yea i agree with you! With right understanding from our true nature we can rebuild our self to be a good human and do accordingly to our kids!!


I love your (almost) last line where you express you would rather there were more curtsies and less curtness. I totally agress. However I find myself using so much curtness with my family, the only ones who matter the most in my life. When dealing with four little ones, I get to a point where the only way to get anything communicated has to be done in near-permanant command-form. I don't like it! Yes, I have nicely asked them to do somethng five times and each time I ask, they act like this is the first time they have heard the request. To save time, frustration and my breath, I bark orders.

What on earth does that do to their little brains? How does that endear me to their hearts? It doesn't.

My family and those relationships are the only things I can take with me forever. Do I want them treated so poorly? I wouldn't treat my friends or most strangers this way, so why do I think its okay to behave this way to my family?

However, with a new school year fast approaching, two of my four babies will be in school. That means less time with them on a daily basis. Do I like playing games with small children? Nope but if they ask, I will do it and do it happily. My time will be better spent with them building happy memories than it will painting my nails or checking out headlines on the internet. I need to let time-wasters go and quality time with my babies in.

DA Cairns

We can only try to treat others how we would have others treat us, as Jesus said. I like the line about more curtsies and less curtness.Your words are good encouragement for those of us who care.

Whitney B.

You are not alone in how you feel! I often feel like the only people who understand me are way older (I'm 27) because it is so hard to relate to some of my friends. They are so caught up in things that just don't matter to me, I feel we are living in a more shallow world with social media etc. But blogs and spreading the gospel help use the internet for good!! thanks for the uplifting post :)


I wise woman told me that we are handed things on a golden platter we do not really appreciate them and when we work hard for them we do. I am still taking in and reading the great messages in your post. Thanks Maria. (more soapboxes please)

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