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Friday, September 20, 2013

Difficult Blessings

Ever receive one of those blessing in your life that requires frequent "this is a blessing" reminders?   Short term thorn-in your-sides, that eventually become long term joys.  We are experiencing a couple of those in our family.  Though they are private experiences, I thought I'd laugh with you all about it without sharing any details.  I think it's quite hilarious that there are things you want, you hope for in your life, and when you get them the slow uphill climb of difficulty sets in.

For instance, for me child bearing is extremely difficult.  No, I am NOT announcing a pregnancy here, just using this as an easily relate-able example.  Children are a wonderful gift and blessing.  We pray for them, and long for them.  But actually getting pregnant and staying pregnant, (for me) is not fun.  It means months of illness, tests, stress, and accepting help from others.  Pregnancy is definitely one difficult blessing.  But it is absolutely worth every hardship!  Children are a beautiful gift and there is nothing in the world like loving and being loved by a child.

I would also include schooling in the difficult blessing category.  What a blessing higher education can be.  But there are many moments where you have to remind yourself, "This is a good thing",  "It will be great in the end"  or "It WILL be over one day!".

So if you have a moment, please humor me and share one of your previous "difficult blessings".  It will help me get through mine, and it's always fun to laugh at things from the past.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and laughing with me.  You were laughing with me right?  Just Kidding.



Maria, I have many of those myself at this time in my life!! Call me if you ever want to talk. I love you!!


Sangay Cholden

For me struggling in college life seem difficult as of now maim!!


I have had a fair amount of them... let me choose the one where I so desperately wanted to be married even if it was challenging... Yeah... now I laugh... I didn't laugh then. Although I would love to have the opportunity to be married again in the future, I wouldn't jump so quickly, I would pray hard about it...

I learned a tough lesson but a good one, I needed to ask Heavenly Father about it in pray instead of trusting my own judgement... Lesson learned and now I can laugh :)

Joel, Lily, and Sofia

Pregnancy is defiantly one for me too! I think right now a hard blessing for me is the blessing of being able to stay home and be a home-maker. I watch a lot of my friends taking their kids to some fun/good daycares and moving forward with their careers. Although it is a hard thing for me to do sometimes, I know that it is a blessing for me to be in a place where I can be home and raise my own kids. But sometimes I do laugh because it is NOT easy in a lot of ways!


Berit, thanks for your support!
Sangay, good luck with your college struggles.
Launna, those are hard lessons. You are one tough lady.
Lily, I know how you feel. I also know you are a fantastic mom. Your children are lucky to have you.
Thanks for all the comments

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