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Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Update time!  So, in the last few months a lot has been going on.  Here's the short version.  Remember my sweet little baby boy, and what a struggle it was to get him?  Well, the trials didn't end when he was born.  When he was 2 months old I took him in for a routine doctors appointment.  While we were there the doctor noticed something unusual and sent us to the hospital for x-rays of his head.  Turns out the plates in his skull had already fused together leaving no soft spot, his head was not able to grow.  Yikes!  So, at barely 4 months old we went to Primary Children's Hospital for Skull Surgery.  They had to remove a strip of his skull. It was stressful! 
But while we were there we stayed at the most AMAZING place, the Ronald McDonald House.   Talk about helping out in every way possible to get us through a hard time!  They pretty much removed all of the normal daily stresses so we could focus on our baby.  They have a kitchen open 24/7 stocked with food, lots of activities and toys for the siblings, and so much more.  My kids LOVED staying there.  They made such a difference to our family at an extremely stressful time.  Because of this experience I have become a huge fan and supporter of the Ronald McDonald House and wanted to let you know how you can help the RMHC help other families in their time of need.  After all, it is the season of giving, and if you're looking for a charity to help this is definitely the one! 

If you are interested there are so many different ways to help out this wonderful organization.  You can help out personally by providing service (doing activities with the children, cooking food for the families, even the cleaning staff are volunteers), or you can donate money or items.  You can also donate your change with their Coinstar Collection, at any of the green coin machines near you, or save your pop tops and donate them.  I also highly recommend visiting a Ronald McDonald House if there is one near you.  Just walk around and take a look at everything they do and see some of the families.  I promise you, it will touch your heart.  Here's a link about all the different ways you can get involved. 

As someone who has benefitted from this charity I can tell you that the RMH help real people in their times of need.  If you decide to help them you will be doing a worthwhile service!  I hope you will consider this during this holiday season. 


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