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Friday, May 20, 2011

Megan - The best 4 year old ever!

My daughter Megan is 4. She is the Best! Every morning she wakes up and comes in my room to snuggle and say hi. Now that we have her baby sister she runs in my room and asks, "Is Kaitlyn awake?", she is always excited to see her sister. So, all us girls hang out in my bed and make baby sounds and play. Then it is time to play pretend. Megan has a very good imagination. VERY good. She even made her imaginary friends real by dressing up her coat rack and carrying it around with her. So we play pretend, and each of us is a character. Even Kaitlyn. She could do this all day, but eventually she gets hungry and we start our day. This is how we start every morning. I love it. I love Megan.


Sarah Blue

What a sweetie! I'm glad that you are enjoying your darling girls. :)

Wright Family

That is awesome. It took me a while to learn to stop and just enjoy them, but I'm loving every minute now.


Megan has the imagination of a child. When visiting your place and playing with her, she will create the most amazing story line to play. She is always a princess, and of course I become the Prince. Dress up is always appropriate to play the part. She will play for hours on end. I think she needs a BROTHER

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