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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fa La La La La

We've had 2 snow falls, which gets me all giddy about Christmas, (my favorite holiday).  My big idea this year is for each of us, me-mom, dad, and kiddos, to make one handmake gift for each person in our house. 

FUN, huh?  Well, I like making things, so it sounds fun to me!  It also sounds cheap, and like a good way to help my kids learn the joy of gift giving. 
So, now I have to think of things to make.  Things that my kids can make. And, I'd like the gifts to be something we'd actually want and/or use.  I have looked on lots of websites, and ofcourse Pinterest for handmade gifts, and they're all kind of silly.  You have to know my husband, he's practical, he doesn't want a paper mache anything.  So, if you awesome folks have any ideas let me know.  I'm looking for things a 5 year old could make for her mom, dad, and baby sister.  Oh, I'm excited!  I love Christmas!



Handmade gifts were always my favorite - to receive and to give. That's a wonderful thing to teach your children Maria. Maybe Megan can decorate a box for Daddy to put his watch, change and the other things in his pocket into. Maybe she can make Kaitlyn a picture book with actual pictures of her family and grandparents. Maybe she can make mommy a decorated box for mommy's favorite recipes.


Hey, those are really great ideas! I love the box for daddy's stuff. We're doing that for sure!


One present made! Megan made a fleece blanket for her baby sister. Fun! Love home made presents!

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