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Monday, November 14, 2011

A Gift for Yours Truly

I have decided what I want.
I want a contraption/gadget/button that is easily available, (like in the palm of my hand), that I can push whenever I want to slow... down... time.  Or the power/magic/ability to do so. 
And I know exactly when I would use it:

When my baby is asleep. 
One Mississippi,Two Mississippi... Joyous peace!

When my husband is in mid-compliment.  
I'd enjoy that in slow motion! 
"T h a t   c a s s a r o l e     w a s     A M A Z I N G.
 H o w   d o   y o u    d o   i t  ? ? ?"
Slow motion high five.

Right after the correct amount of make-up has been applied,
and my clothes are still
un-wrinkled/peanutbutterandjellied/slobbered on. 

Right after I finish cleaning the house. 
Self explanatory.

So, if any of you find this contraption in your SkyMall magazine or what have you, please, BUY ONE!  Then tell me so I can buy one too!


Ruth Scovill

I would like a lost item tracker, and a single remote button that works on all the locks on my life while you are at it!

Fun Post. Thanks for the smile.

Amy C

I want one of these too! When you find one let me know! :)


Ruth, that is a great idea!
Amy, I'll keep you posted. I'm sure it has to be on some late night infomercial.


Good one! Sign me up for some of those! I'd love the time I spend with my grandkids to last much much longer!

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