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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Megan the Animal Rescuer!

My daughter had quite the experience a few weeks ago.  In the little city I live in we received some snow.  Apparently there are some birds who are still flying south for the winter, (shouldn't they have arrived south a long time ago, it's the middle of winter...?). 

Anyways, hundreds of them landed all around town due to the snow fall.  Not knowing this, I went out in my back yard to tell my dog to stop barking, and see her scaring the begeebees out of one of these birds.  Well, Megan goes into rescue-hero mode, and wants to save the poor little bird.  However, she is quite upset, and afraid, that her own dog might eat the bird, (In reality the dog is not much bigger than the bird, not really going to happen).

So Megan is chasing the dog, and trying to calm down the bird, and all in all handling the situation pretty well for a 5 year old rescue hero, except for the spurts of frantic crying. 

This continues until daddy gets home, and of course he knows exactly what to do.  Dad and daughter rescue the bird from the terrible dog, put it in a large rubber maid container of safety, and take it to the rescue shelter, which, by the way was packed with tons of cars dropping off these birds. 

Now Megan considers herself an animal rescuer, and is quite proud of herself.
 Megan taking good care of the bird.

On a side note, the next day she said maybe we should have taken the bird to "Bulldogs Meats" (our local make-your-own-meat store.  We drive by the signs for it on our way to school every day, and DADDY told her in a kid-friendly way what they do there).  I asked her "um, didn't you want to rescue the bird?" After all she did have a huge meltdown about our dog eating it.  Then she remembered, and was happy with her actions.  Yay! 

The End.


Verity Kae

Oh my word! How funny!!!! I love your family.


Megan to the rescue! Proud of her!

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