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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Think happy thoughts

Watch your thoughts; they become words.  Watch your words; they become actions.  Watch your actions; they become habits.  Watch your habits; they become your character.  Watch your chatacter; it becomes your destiny

I went to the dentist this week.  I have been having headaches, and tooth pain and wanted to find out the cause.  The dentist said there was nothing wrong with my teeth, but I have been clenching them so tightly that it has been causing these headaches.  (Not my migraines, just regular headaches) 

For 4 days I had been suffering terrible pain and getting no sleep because of my own actions?  That made me think about how our disposition can affect our physical being. 

I had been concentrating on my stresses and letting those thoughts get to me.  Those negative thoughts turned into negative actions (clenching my teeth) leading to physical pain. 

So even though life is tough sometimes, I am going to try to think happy thoughts and make an effort to keep my disposition pleasant and hope that it will lead to less pain. 

Funny how something so small can really affect you!  So, everyone KEEP SMILING and think happy thoughts.  No frowning, no clenching. 



I agree. We worry so much about lifes little things that so often will work themselves out. I wish I was closer to help you out in your times of need and just to be closr to my beautiful grand daughters. Just to be able to come over to spend quiet time and chat. Trina was kind enough to print out some pics of you and the girls and framed them and put it up on the wall where I am sleeping. I see you all when i wake up and go to sleep. I am busy here which is good.

I hope your headaches go away.
love gramps

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