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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Deep Trenches

I love gardening.  I love planting things and watching them grow over time.  And I'll admit it, I get attached to them.  It's almost sad that they have to be eaten, but not that sad.  Yum Yum. 

This year we are gardening the REAL way, with trenches instead of just random veggies everywhere.  I feel much more like a farmer now.  he he.   I love it!  I have come to learn that this layout has quite a purpose.  We soak the baby plants with a trench on either side, so that the roots are fed deeply and thoroughly.  Makes sense, huh!

Now, you know I like to think symbolically.  Any guesses as to what I am going to relate this to???

The structure of families. Think of the plant as the child, with two loving parents (trenches) to help it grow.

I love that the structure of families (idealy) is: two parents with the same goals, ie; supporting, loving, teaching their children. I believe that can have a great affect on the success of that child.  Likewise, extended family and close friends can also be that second trench.  Their role is extremely important.  Children need secondary support. 

I am grateful for the structure of families. 

Here is more about what I believe regarding families:
The Family: A Proclamation to the World

These are my personal thoughts and beliefs.  The are not meant to hurt or offend anyone.  Thank you for taking the time to read them.  As always, please comment. 


The Ferguson Family

I just love how up lifting your blog is! Cant wait to see your garden!


Oh boy, you'll have to come over soon. We put the ladybugs on tonight! Fun fun.


I love your comparison. Children who have love and support from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc in addition to their parents and siblings, I believe, have a great advantage in this life.


I totally agree that children who have 2 united parents can lead to great success for them. I also believe that sometimes that is not possible but as long as you have the extended family/friends your children still have the ability to succeed.

Great comparison

Amber Mae

we just dug trenches in our garden too! I love your analogy, now whenever I look at my garden I'll remember the family and Heavenly Father's structure for it.


I'm following you from MMB. I LOVE your blog! Uplifting and positive! Who doesn't need that?!

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