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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If I had a million dollars

As I was doing the usual stuff today, cleaning, cooking, etc. I decided what I would do if I were rich, well not so much do, more like buy.  Not a huge house, or boat, or fancy convertible mustang, I AM A GIRL and here's what I'd buy:

GOOD, STRONG, garbage bags.  The fancy ones, made out of the same stuff as spiderman's clothes!

Aluminum foil more than 25 feet in length.

Name brand everything.

The largest sized Ketchup that fits in my fridge.

ALL of the things to make all of the things on Pinterest that I haven't made yet.

Towels.  Lots and lots of fluffy towels.  And maybe a towel warmer :-)

A DYSON VACUUM  ahh....only in my dreams....

A never ending supply of Kraft Dinner (should be no surprise to my loyal viewers)

A Cricut machine.  Don't exactly know what it is or does, I just know that as a female I want one.

And.... Drum roll please

A Secret room built in my house, with a secret lock system that only I know, that I can fill with whatever I want.  Crafts, tons of frilly pillows that serve no purpose, and perhaps a hot tub. 

That is what I would do if I had gobs and gobs of money.  'Cause I'm fun and practical like that.



I would love the towels and pillows... I am fun like that too ;)


I just read the humor section of your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks for including that section in your blog. Love MOM.


I just changed my profile picture. Checking to see if it shows a picture of me here or not.

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