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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's Important

This was posted a while ago, but I thought it was worthy of reposting for those that missed it.

Here's what is really important to me. Warning, some of it is kind of deep, and/or touchy feely. I'm not talking about the superficial, or temporal. I am talking about if you really boil things down and thought about what is important in LIFE. Here's what is important to me.

First, having a personal individual relationship with God is beyond essential for me personally. Knowing and having faith in him.  Knowing that he loves me and hears my prayers, and that there is a divine plan, brings me so much peace and comfort.

Love. Being loved and letting others know that I love them. It is absolutely wonderful to feel like someone else here needs me, whether it's my spouse, child, or best friend. It's just good to feel love. It is also just as wonderful to give that love.

Being a good person is also important to me. Caring about others, helping people, having a good heart is important to me.

Having morals, beliefs, standards, traditions are all important. Knowing what you are made up of, and truly believe in is important, as far as knowing who you are (it's also helpful when raising children).

As I sit and think about what life is really about, so many things that had high priority seem completely insignificant. Every now and again it's refreshing to refocus, and make sure life is going in the right direction. I need to make more of an effort to tell the people I love that I love them, and to give genuine compliments more often to more people. Because I think our relationships are what we take with us when everything is said and done.

Those are my thoughts. They are my personal, individual thoughts. Thank you for reading them. I'd love to know what things are important to you. Please share your thoughts.


DA Cairns

Looks like you have achieved what you set out to with your blog. It feels positive, hopeful and thankful. I like that. I too have a personal relationship with God, and consider it fundamental. Theologically you and I have a big problem but I believe all acts of love and selflessness are Godly acts.


My Heavenly Father, my two daughters, my David (best friend and soul mate) Loving people and not judging anyone, I was sent to earth to love not to judge:)

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