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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Alien Mom"

The true story of how Megan found out I am an alien.

Whilst having a lovely family dinner one night last week, my husband says "Megan, did you know that your mom is .... an ALIEN?"

Looks of shock and confusion on poor Megan's face as she shakes her head no.

My husband: "Yeah, she has a special card and everything that says she is an alien."

Megan looks at me.  You could tell she wasn't quite sure how to continue our current relationship, if I was an alien. 

I say, "Yes, it's true.  I'm from another country, and when you are from another country you get a special card, and they sometimes call you an alien.  But I am human, not a real alien." 

Relief washes over her.

Dinner time as a family is always a fun experience!

As a result of this new information,  Megan's response to anything I said yesturday was "Yes, Alien Mom." 
I am quite certain that when our baby is older it will be Megan trying to tell Kaitlyn that I am an alien.  Can't wait.


Amy C

I'm sure Morgan always keeps things fun! That is pretty funny, and I guess it's true too, lol! :)


With Morgan AND Megan, it's always fun around here! Thanks Amy.

Michelle @ Loving Every Second

Oh man, this post made me laugh! I even had to read it to Jake :)

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