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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Count down to 30

Less than 1 week to go.  How am I doing? 
Well, so far I have:

- Checked for grey hair.  And let me tell you, that was SCARY!  Not wanting to know, but wanting to, and totally afraid of what I could find.  Luckily I had none!!! Thank heavens!

- Not practiced saying "I am 30", well, not out loud.

- Eaten lots of delicious sugary treats, which isn't helping my goal of looking "young" and "fit" at 30.

- Been really really tired.  Just part of aging I suppose.

However, I have given A LOT of thought to the whole subject.  You can read the concerns I had in my previous blog post entitled "The truth comes out".

I have to say, I do feel much better on the matter.  There is a lot of peace found in knowing basically what the future holds.  It's nice to have the mysteries of my 20's solved, to not have to worry about such important things, to be able to relax and watch what happens. 

Yes, I think I might actually be satisfied with where I am in life.   So, thank you for your involvement.  And good luck to those of you who have not yet reached the threshold of 30.  It is a fun journey!

PS- Wednesday is the Big Day!  I"ll let you know how it goes!



You will realize that when you are 20... 30 seems old. Then when you hit think it's not that 40 must be old. Then when 40 tell yourself... WOW, I'm not old... so it must be 50. Well...50 is here for me and I don't feel old... but my BODY hasn't kept pace with me.


just thought I would let you know... I like to get up on saturday or sunday and read your blog... it helps start my ya. my sweet 30 year old girl


Thanks Dad. I've got 4 days left at 29, I plan on enjoying them. You can officially call me 30 on Wednesday!

Sarah Blue

Life is anything BUT monotonous when you're thirty. There is so much excitement and new experiences to be had. And you can still be spontaneous and have adventures. Hubby took all the three big kids to Disneyland this past winter. We've jumped in the car and driven to San Diego. And the things your kids are going to say to you will knock your socks off for their brilliance and irony. There is a ton of stuff that will be unexpected and there are still questions to be answered. Like, who is going to be Megan's kindergarten teacher? What will her favorite subject be? Favorite sport?

And there is lots for you as an individual to do too. Thirty is WONDERFUL!!!

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