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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Try, and have faith

Do the best that you can, and then have faith.  That's what I believe.  And sometimes it works. 

My Megan is almost 5, she is pretty smart (learning comes quite naturally for her, she gets it from her dad).  I have been frustrated during my attempts to find her a preschool, since the preschool she attended last year closed (we loved them), and she didn't make the cut off for kindergarten.

Here is my frustration: knowing that I am going to have to pay for her to go to preschool and learn stuff that she already knows.  I don't want her to think that school is boring.  So, I tried my best to find the most suitable school in our budget and had faith.  I found one in our neighborhood.  I was disappointed that the curriculum was basic, like shapes and colors, but it was a better solution than staying at home.  She started 2 weeks ago, and I kept up my faith that things would work out.

Here's the good news!!  This weekend I got an e-mail from the local Montessori preschool inviting us to their fall picnic, and the teacher said she wanted to talk to me about Megan.  We had met in the past and definitely could not afford their tuition.  BUT, I went to the picnic today and the teacher had an idea!  She asked if I would be willing to be a substitute teacher as a trade for tuition, since I have a background in Montessori! 


You mean Megan can get a Montessori education and I can occasionally be in the classroom again? 


What a blessing!

So, she was invited to start this Monday.  She had a blast at the picnic, and can't wait to go there.  What a wonderful wonderful blessing. 

The first school would have been..... OK.  But this is just the best thing for Megan, and for our budget.  I am SO glad this teacher tried to find a solution for us.  SO grateful.  And, I am excited that I get to occasionally work in the Montessori environment again!


Michelle @ Loving Every Second

I am so excited for you! That is so great! I went to Montessori - that must be why I'm so smart :)

Verity Kae

That is so fantastic!!!! I'm so excited for Meg!!! I bet you'll love subbing too, congratulations and happy day Maria!!


I didn't know you went to Montessori Michelle, oh we'll have to chat about that! Thanks Michelle and Verity!

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