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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Enlightenment

In church today there was a talk that I really enjoyed and I thought I would share with you what I learned.  The topic was finding our own solutions to our own problems.  They suggested we find these solutions through the experiences found in the scriptures, specificly writing down our questions then read looking for  answers.

As I wrote about in a previous post trials are a part of life, not a punishment.  SO if we follow the advice of the speaker today we learn that we shouldn't just wait around for our trials to go away. I know sometimes we think we need to be patient and things will change in His timing, but it is OK to find our own solutions, and then pray about it and DO IT.

I just love that thought!  We don't just have to sit around thinking "this is what I am supposed to go through" and wait for it to go away.  We can do our best to find our own solutions, pray about it, and if the answer is to do something about it DO IT.

Anyways, I was enlightened today at church.  I hope you find this thought as helpful as I did.  I know we are ALL going through hard situations and I wish you the best in finding your own solutions!



Good advice. I've been reading my scriptures but more because I'm supposed to lately. I've been asking myself if my trials continue because I'm supposed to be learning something from them that I haven't learned yet. I've been so focused on "dealing" with each trial that I never thought about reading and praying about them. Actually yesterday was the first day I even prayed for some of my burdens to be lifted. I was surprised I hadn't thought of that before.


That was Mom. Still haven't learned how to get my pic up instead of dads.

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