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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beautiful Moments

Sometimes life gets crazy, or sad, or just flies by, but every now and then we get to have a beautiful moment to brighten everything up.

As you know I am a mother of two beautiful girls, one 4 1/2 and one 4 months old.  I was just holding my beautiful 4 month old daughter and thought, "What a lovely moment we are having.  This is it, isn't it.  These are the beautiful moments life is made up of".  She was asleep, and I could just gaze at her.  How peaceful.

In a time of heartache, I was grateful for a beautiful healing moment brought by none else but my dog.  She was new to our family, and would just follow me around.  If I was having a moment of sadness, it would quickly wash away when I looked down and saw a cute little dog laying down as close as she could get to me, waiting for me wherever I was.  That was exactly what I needed.  It was indeed a beautiful moment, even if it was with a dog.

I too have had many beautiful moments with my best girl friend.  Moments where I knew I could say anything, even crazy nonsensical things, and there would be no judgement.  We all need those moments, and they are truly beautiful. 

One of my favorite beautiful moments was a long time ago, my then boyfriend sent me flowers, one dozen roses.  There was no particular reason, but on the card he said he loved me.  It was the first time he had said that.  Now he is my husband.  That was a beautiful moment. 

Thank you to my husband, and children for all the beautiful moments you have given me. 

If you get a chance, take a little time out to sit and think of the beautiful moments you've had in your life.  Feel free to share any that you are comfortable sharing.  And, thanks for following this blog.  I never realized how helpful it is to me.  It's nice to know that people are actually interested in my thoughts.  Thank you.


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