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Monday, June 20, 2011

Our faithful decision

Here's the true story of a decision we made completely based on faith.

My husband and I had been married for about 7 years, with  1 child who was 2 at the time. We had been living in the same city he had grown up in his whole life, with the exception of his mission, and I thought I was totally living there for the REST of my life.  (didn't really like big cities, or the climate) 

He started casually looking for a new job, and found a company that he thought might be good to work for.  One of the jobs they had was in a small town, in another state, where we had never been.  He felt prompted/inspired that we should move to that small town.

We decided to take a trip and check out the town, and see if we received any more inspiration.  We liked it. It was cute, small, a good place to raise our daughter.  So we went back home and prayed about it.  The answer we received was that we needed to move. 

We had a house that we owned, all of our family was around us, everything that my husband knew was there in that big city.  But we followed the promptings, and started making arrangements to move.  The housing/rental market was terrible, but we found great renters in days.  The company he wanted to work for never worked out, other than letting us know about the town.  So we actually moved, without a job to come to, when the job market was non existant.  He got a job in under 10 days.  The same job he still has now, 2 years later. 

We found a house to buy, to raise our family in.  He has always had a job here.  We feel like we will be here for years, unless we are prompted to move again.  In which case, we would.  We don't know why we are here?  But we feel that we are supposed to be here.  Sometimes we miss our family, etc. but we do not doubt that the Lord wants us here.  That brings comfort, and dismisses doubt. 

Our faith brought us here, and we believe in being faithful, and following promptings that we feel.  I think that we are blessed when we follow promptings.  I am glad my husband shared the prompting he received.  I found strength in him going through that process.  I look forward to learning why we are here, and know that I may not find out for a long time, but that's ok. 

That is our experience, and why we all of a sudden moved.  I hope you found it faith promoting.

Have a similar experience?  Please share it.


Amy C

Thank you for sharing this Maria! When we moved from AZ, it came very suddenly, but we knew it was the right thing for our family to do. Tom decided that he wanted to leave his job and find a different one here in Utah, (to be closer to family) but when he told his company that he was leaving, they wanted him to stay, he told them he was still leaving, so they transferred him to SLC and gave him a big raise. It was a huge blessing for us. After we got to Utah, we learned that my dad's health wasn't as good as we thought, and 5 weeks after arriving in UT, he passed away. My boys and I were able to stay with my parents for 3-4 weeks before he passed. What a blessing that was! Although I still miss AZ terribly, I know beyond any doubt that moving to Utah when we did was what the Lord wanted us to do and that we were supposed to be here for more than one reason. :)


Thanks for sharing Amy, it's comforting to know other people have similar experiences!


Even though you know I'm not thrilled that you guys moved away, I am proud of you and Morgan for following your prompting and your heart. Dad and I supported you in your decision as we will always do. We miss you and your family but are happy for you. Love MOM.

Michelle @ Loving Every Second

I love stories like that :) Thanks for sharing!

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