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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ode to Fathers

Never afraid of big bad spiders,
Or teaching scardy cats to be bike riders.
Letting us beat you, or so we thought.
Eating the fish that together we caught.
Chasing away monsters from under the bed.
Giving a shoulder to rest a tired head.
Doing the dirty work that needs to be done,
to make sure the family gets to have fun.
You have a tough job, and I thought I should say
Dad's are amazing, so have a GREAT day!

Whether a father, grandfather, husband, or friend,
you men are important, and we are grateful to have you in our lives.

Happy Fathers' Day!!!



This is proof that I am no poet. It's the thought that counts huh. Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there.


I love every word you write thank you Maria


I did it
I left a post
Will miracles never end


Wow, that's a GREAT poem Maria! I'm impressed. Mom.

Ruth Scovill

This is really fun. Your dad and your husband should be honored to have such a nice poem for Father's day.


Good Morning all.
First of all, thank you Maria for the poem. It is beautiful.
As I wake up this fathers day morning I sit home all alone.
My wife sound asleep from working all night.
Reflecting on all the wonderful moments spent with my two beautiful children and three adorable grandchildren, and my lovely wife.
Life has a lot of challenges, but family makes it all worth while.
I wish we all lived alot closer together. I hardly know my newest grandaughter, Kaitlyn. We manage to see each other as often as possible.
As my father has passed, I think about him alot.
The times when I was young and we spent alot of time together. As I turned around 20 or so, i saw my Dad in a new light. I atually started looking up to him and wanting to be just like him. I really wanted to spend more time with him.I had asked and planned many a fishing trip to be with him. As life would have it, his health was failing. Those moments of the two of us would be just dreams of mine. I waited all my life to be like him and with him, and now all that time was gone. My life and his life changed forever.
You can't change your past. I do miss him and wish we had more time to spend together as adults.
Now I can only remember him.
It is on days like today he lives on inside of me, as I have become what he was to me. I give to my family what I wanted with my father.

Happy Fathers Day to All


Beautiful thought dad. Eventhough we did not get to know your father very much before he past, we know him through you, your stories of him, and your own life. We love you and hope today is a special day for you.


This is in response to Dad's comment. Honey, I miss your dad too. I miss my father too. I'm proud of the father you are and have always been. I couldn't have hoped for a better man to have a family with. You are a wonderful father and the best grandfather in the world. I love you. Debbie.

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